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Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses. In most cases, our service offerings impact every aspect of a customer's life. Your business decisions will affect your personal finances, and vice versa.

The Power of Integration means that our solutions balance your personal and business interests. You will find comfort knowing that we never make decisions or recommendations out of context.

Our services include the following:

Wealth Management*

Our team of advisors will help you determine your financial needs, set short- and long-term goals, and strengthen your financial position. We assess the tax consequences of each decision to minimize the impact on your wealth.

Financial Planning*

Whether you need guidance with investments or with life, health or disability insurance, we've got you covered – not by a single individual, but by a team of experts working on your behalf. Prepare to be astounded by the extraordinary service and attention we give your case.

At most firms, clients come and go. Not here. Our retention of clients is the envy of other firms that are still measuring billable hours and activity that triggers fees for the firm, rather than the number of real-world solutions delivered to the customer. Our results are different because our approach is different.

Tax Planning and Preparation

The IRS tax code grows in complexity each year. We guard your assets to ensure you pay only the amount you owe and not one cent more.

We offer expert estate planning services to help you transfer wealth to your heirs and avoid paying more taxes than you have to.

Lets face it, your family is of paramount importance. Love of family is a value we share with you. That's why you can count on us to put your family's well-being first.

Business Consulting

Business decisions can have unintended consequences and trigger unforseen problems. Our consulting services brings into laser focus the expertise you need to handle situations like these:

  • Take advantage of an attractive opportunity
  • Protect yourself against a competitive threat
  • Solve an ongoing technology or personnel problem
  • Gain a sustainable advantage through a strategic move

We won't allow you to make an ill-advised decision or to be pressured into making a decision hastily.

We know business, and we've got your back. Period.

*Services offered by Vincent D'Agostino through Cambridge Investment Research, Advisors.