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Who We Serve


Our customer base consists of individuals who work in a variety of businesses. Our focus on their businesses has helped us develop extensive knowledge across several industries.

Personal decisions and business decisions affect each other. In order to minimize risk and maximize the impact of a particular decision, your financial advisor needs to understand the interrelationship between your personal life and your business life. This kind of expertise doesn't come from college textbooks. It comes from assembling a team of seasoned experts that know how businesses work in specific industries.

Our industry expertise gives us the capability to put like-minded owners together for dealings that are mutually beneficial. That kind of social capital is difficult to find at other firms. If you are working in one of the following businesses, we invite you to call us to see how the Power of Integration can be applied to the attainment of your financial goals.

  • Real estate
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Medical and Dental
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • E-commerce


Our customer base consists of diverse individuals who share many, if not all of our Core Values. They are family centered, financially responsible individuals, who share the passion for becoming holistically wealthy. This means that they share our common goal of creating wealth so that the hopes and dreams they have for themselves and their family become a reality.

We especially like to work with individuals and couples that are concerned about retirement. We address the risks and many important decisions that are involved in making the transition from the working and accumulation retirement income years into the retirement and distribution years. Our ultimate goal is to develop a plan that will increase the probability that the customer will never outlive their financial resources, while at the same time balancing retirement income to allow for the lifestyle that they have envisioned.

The risks that we address in developing a retirement income plan include; market risks, longevity risks, health risks, inflation risks and liquidity risks.

Our team develops customized solutions that address these risks. For example we do the following:

  • We answer Medicare questions and help to select the right Medicare plan for you.
  • We manage your tax bracket to minimize the taxes that you are paying and to maintain a steady tax bracket throughout your life.
  • We answer the question of "What is the appropriate Social Security Claiming Strategy?" and develop a customized solution for you.
  • We optimize your debt structure to allow for minimized interest expenses and monthly payments to help us to achieve your financial goals.
  • We customize an investment strategy that develops a customized approach to allocating your assets over a series of investments designed to match market volatility with the investment time horizon against your risk tolerance.
  • We review and collaborate with you and estate planning attorneys to develop the necessary legal documents to ensure that your assets efficiently flow to your beneficiaries, while at the same time minimizing any tax consequences. Because of our team approach, we can take the process a step further by ensuring that assets are titled properly and the appropriate beneficiary designations are in place.
  • We assist with pension election decisions that integrate with your retirement income plan. We also look at strategies such as the Pension Max Strategy that is designed to increase retirement income over the pensioner’s life.
  • We also look at how we can mitigate risk against a long-term disability. The solutions surrounding this risk may revolve around various insurances and asset protection planning.